Skin Types

There are so many types of skin. But why is it so important to know your own kind?

Buying and using the most suitable cosmetic products for your skin type is FUNDAMENTAL for a real and visible result.

After all, the skin is the one, why doesn’t it deserve the best?

Watch out. With the “best” we do not mean necessarily the most expensive product, but the best and most suitable for your skin type.

This guide will help you find the right product from the first step: your skin type.

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Oily skin is a type of skin that looks glossy and oily to the sight. It can present numerous blackheads (black and white dots), it tends to redden, being also very sensitive and the expanded spots are often present.

Products suitable for this type of skin contain purifying functional principles such as bardana, lemon, marigold, but also active ingredients that rebalance sebaceous production. These cosmetics also do not have to be too aggressive to avoid the famous “rebound effect”.

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Dry skin appears rough, chapped, slightly elastic, very thin and it is often cracked. Aging is premature and many wrinkles appear soon.

It is very important to choose an excellent cosmetic product for this type of skin that will hydrate it deeply by improving its elasticity and repairing it.

Cosmetics must be rich in wetting and emollient substances.

If you recognize this type of skin and would like some tips on treating dry skin and know some products suitable for this type, click here.



Mixed skin is a skin type that in some areas is shiny and oily, while in others it is dry, chapped and unsteady.

It is therefore a hard skin to treat. The best cosmetics for this type of skin do not have to be too aggressive, but at the same time they have to purify the areas of the nose and forehead, the so-called “T” area.

This is one of the most popular skin types. And if you recognize yourself in this type of skin click here to find out valuable tips to take care of it.

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Asymptomatic skin is a type of skin that is caused by a complicated or fat skin. On the surface it looks dry, dehydrated and atones, while deep in it remains greasy and impure.

It is called asphyxia because it is a skin that does not “breathe”. To improve the situation, it is important to have a good deterrent and use quality products.

If you find yourself in this type of skin click here to find out valuable tips to improve and take care of it at the best.



It is a very fragile skin type and easily irritated. It is very susceptible to wrinkle formation and skin aggressions. It is often reddened and squashed.

The products for this type of skin must be very delicate. The aggressive and irritating ones must be discarded and they must be completely nickel free.

Great tips on this type of skin can be found here.



Mature skin has more and more marked expression lines that turn into wrinkles. This process takes the name of aging. There is a loss of hydration and the skin is dry and relaxed. Skin discord may appear.

It is very important to use products that will nourish and nourish the skin deeply, replenishing it and trying to cope with skin relaxation.

For all women from 40 to 50 years of age, the skin will undergo a minor cell renewal which will lead to loss of collagen. It is therefore very important to use cosmetics to preserve our beauty despite the passing of time.

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This type of skin is smooth and polished with a beautiful, clear and healthy color. It has a good circulation, it is bright and has no imperfections.

Cosmetics for this type of skin are useful to preserve its natural beauty thanks to moisturizing products and occasionally as anti-aging product.

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Men have a different type of skin than female do. It is much thicker, there is more sebum production and tends to grow older.

Although men are reluctant to apply face products, lately we can find a lot of men cosmetics which, as formulations, are the same as female ones, but are distinguished by a lighter texture and less perfume.

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