Anti-aging face cream 1,7 Fl. Oz
Anti-aging face cream 1,7 Fl. Oz
  • Anti-aging face cream 1,7 Fl. Oz
  • Anti-aging face cream 1,7 Fl. Oz

Anti-aging face cream 1,7 Fl. Oz


Extraordinary face cream, rich in natural active ingredients that effectively ght wrinkles and skin aging. The use of wine “Sagrantino 25 Anni by Caprai” and Uviox, extracted from grapes skins, give this products excellent antioxidant and anti-free radical properties.

It also contains smoothing peptides that provide an immediate effect for fast, amazing, results right from the first applications. The face will look toned, smooth and luminous instantly. It is suited to all type of skin and is applied in small amounts with a gentle massage.


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Extraordinary action against the signs of aging. Stretches wrinkles, pumps and firms the skin of the face.


Apply sparingly with a gentle massage after you have cleaned your face with cleansing milk.

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With time passing skin tends to lose elasticity and hydration, becoming drier and favoring the appearance of the first wrinkles. Thanks to the use of the Caprai Sagrantino grape, rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and anti-free radicals, PULCHRA has a revitalizing action that moisturizes the skin, regenerates and promotes cell turnover due to its repairing and restructuring. A good morning beauty routine helps to slow skin aging.   1)After washing your face with warm water, clean it with CLEANSING MILK PULCHRA applying it with a cotton ball that will remove impurities that have accumulated overnight. 2)Apply ANTI-AGING FACE CREAM PULCHRA that effectively fights wrinkles and skin aging thanks to the presence of Uviox extracted from the grape of the "25 years Sgranino by Caprai" grape skins that give immediately a toned, smooth and bright face. Use the ANTI-AGING FACE MASK PULCHRA once a week, before applying day cream, leave on for five minutes, then rinse with warm water. In this way, in addition to removing impurities from the skin, encouraging cell renewal, thanks to active antioxidants contained in the mixed skin of the wine "Caprai 25 years", this helps to restore a youthful face, toned and bright.

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