Have you decided to visit Umbria and you are not familiar with most beautiful villages to visit?
I want to let you know 10 reasons why, if you are in Umbria, you absolutely must visit Spello!
Spello is a small village located at the bottom of Mount Subasio. It is also named “Splendid Julia colony” since it was founded by the Roman empire at the time of emperor Giulio Cesare.
Roman influence is manifested both in the field of art, but especially in the field of construction.
Continue reading to find out what to see in Spello.

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The first thing you see when you arrive is the Roman Walls.
These walls are the most obvious example of Roman influence in construction.
They were built dry with stones made from Mount Subasio and three walls stand behind the walls: Urbica, Console and Venus Gate.
I suggest you enter the Consular Gate and find out slowly this little village from below.

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The Roman influence in art can be appreciated by visiting the mosaics of a late Roman imperial villa, brought back to life only in 2005.

It is one of the most important archaeological finds of the last ten years. The polychrome mosaics cover a remarkable surface of 500 squared meters and were inaugurated in May 2017.



As you go from Via Consolare, on the right you will find the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore.
This church, built on a pagan temple, was completed in the second half of the 13th century. We are therefore in the middle ages.
The facade is white and pink thanks to the stone made directly from the quarries of Mount Subasio, with which, among other things, it was built throughout Spello.
It is the cathedral of Spello and contains the most famous opera in the city: the Baglioni Chapel.


The decoration of the chapel was commissioned by Priest Troilo Baglioni back in 1500, to Bernardino di Betto, known as the Pinturicchio, and was completed very quickly in 1501.
Within it, three important moments of Jesus’ life are remembered:
1- The Annunciation. The time when the Archangel Gabriel announces to Mary that she is waiting for Jesus, giving her the white lily, a symbol of her virginal purity.
2- Adoration of shepherds. The scene of the crib and the magicians.
3- Dispute of Jesus with doctors. The scene takes place in front of the Temple of Jerusalem, where the twelve-year-old Jesus discusses with doctors.


Slightly further, always in Piazza Matteotti, there is Palazzo dei Canonici. Inside there is the civic and diocesan picture gallery. Absolutely a must see.


Also in this church there is a very important canvas by Pinturicchio: the Madonna on the throne and saints dating 1506.


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Venus Gate is one of the most famous monuments in the city, after Santa Maria Maggiore cathedral. Lined by two twelve-tower towers, named Towers of Properzio.
The photos speak for themselves. I have nothing else to add.


The climb is tough (maybe no, I have a trick to share with you in a little), but it will really be worth it! At the top of Spello there is the Belvedere and here your hard work will be repaid!
The landscape on the Umbrian valley is really amazing.

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Another place that deserves a visit is the Enoteca Properzio. Here you can find everything the most beautiful (and good) Umbria can offer.

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Not only great labels, very famous and rare, but also an exceptional selection of top quality local wines that will be served together with the products of the highest quality.
Eyes won’t regret and the wine shop does not disappoint either:
The room is beautifully decorated outdoors with tables exclusively in Deruta ceramics, signed by Domiziani, and inside a medieval location from Spello’s typical architecture.


Here you can immerse yourself completely in the flavors and aromas of Umbria thanks to the highest level tasting and cooking classes and to exceptional staff, which will accompany you in what will be a real “sensory experience”.

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I leave you a phone number, maybe you really want to make this holiday truly unforgettable;) +39 0742 261341.
Well, I am not the only one saying it is an exceptional place, TripAdvisor confirms it!


If you’ve really liked Spello and you were enchanted by her scents, colors and flavors, you can not end the tour without missing our Abeauty store.
The shop is right in front of Santa Maria Maggiore cathedral.

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Here you can not only find beauty products that are really made in Italy, but they are just made in Spello! Come and greet me to bring home a part of Spello’s beauty!
Abeauty is born from our philosophy and idea of ​​beauty: what is good for the body is also good for the soul and especially for your skin!
For cosmetic lines we use only Umbrian raw materials:
– The olive oil for which Spello is famous, (famous as the town of extra-virgin olive oil)
– Sagrantino, typical indigenous Umbrian grape variety, rich in polyphenols.
– Prestigious Cascia saffron, one of the most powerful natural antioxidants.
– The orchid and the Marian Thistle of Mount Subasio. (Spello is the city of flowers and Infiorata festival, we could have not missed them to create a line of excellence.

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And if you want to make your day truly unforgettable, why do you not book a face treatment in the shop’s mini spa? It could be a great gift idea and a way to make this trip really relaxing and unforgettable!
If you follow me here, I will give you my first gift (keep reading for the second one!):
A 20% discount to spend at Abeauty store that you can download here (Do not print it, just let me see it when you show up in person).
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I look for you here for a nice welcome 😉
As I promised, I have a special surprise for you!
Umbria and in general its villages, they have a big “problem”: the climbs !!!
Would not be wonderful to visit Spello, like walking around it but effortlessly ?! Just enjoy yourself and enjoy the beauties of this beautiful town!?!
You will say “It is impossible!”
But it is not!!
We are sponsoring a beautiful project: UmbriaEbike.

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A new way to visit Umbria in a totally green way and also suitable for the lazy ones. A bit like me! 😉
It’s because with an Ebike, it will seem impossible but it’s not tough. DO NOT FAIL!
Moreover you would be tired of walking!

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I’m leaving you a discount voucher here. If you’ve read up to here, you deserve a prize.
You can rent your Ebike and visit Spello in 1h at only 10 € instead of 20 €.
You just need to show this photo when you want to rent your Ebike and get an instant discount.
If you want more information call +39 3281010430 or +39 0742301521 and give Andrea all the information needed.
You should book your Ebike. They are very requested.
I’m waiting for you here in Spello then!
See you soon.

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